This Man Was Fired And Deported After A Woman Tweeted The Abusive FB Messages He Sent Her

Twitter / @RanaAyyub

Social media has changed the way we interact in a variety of ways, both good and bad. For instance, it’s easier than ever to send a rude message to someone without so much as a second thought; on the other hand, it’s also a lot easier to get revenge for said message.

This New Delhi-based journalist received some pretty terrible messages from a pretty terrible dude on her Facebook page, so she decided to tweet out some screenshots to show people the abuse that she deals with on an everyday basis.

Twitter / @RanaAyyub

One message read, “Hi bitch. Spread ur legs. Filthy slut.” When she didn’t respond, he messaged her again saying, “You slut… Fuck you bitch… mother fucker…”

Ayyub’s call-to-action was definitely heard. Many people encouraged her to report him, and when his UAE-based company caught wind of it, they promptly terminated him.

But the man’s punishment didn’t stop there: he also had his visa revoked and is now being deported back to India.

Ayyub has gotten a lot of support for her actions, especially from the Indian community for standing up against harassment and sexism.

However, Ayyub knows that this is just a small victory in the long run.

You go, girl! Now let’s hope this becomes a new thing, so we can crush one abusive troll at a time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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