This Man Says He ‘Won’t Date Hot Women Anymore’ And Now Everyone Is Savagely Roasting Him On Twitter

Facebook / Daniel Rochkind and Twitter / @JordanUhl

I love nothing more than listening to a man talk about how he could get any woman he wanted, really, he swears, he just chooses to date women who are more average-looking. Good news, friends! Now we can read about it, too.

For some reason, The New York Post decided to give this guy a platform to talk about how vapid and terrible hot women are and explain why he’d much rather date less attractive women because at least they’re “soft” and interesting. But rest assured, everyone! He could totally date any of those hot people if he wanted to, he just doesn’t want to anymore. He swears!

Twitter had a lot to say about this guy, because, well, there is a lot to say about this guy.

People could definitely relate.

After all, what sane woman could resist a man with a muscular build and a ~mostly~ full head of hair?

And he’s such a stand-up guy!

In fact, he is so humble that his fiancee is just “merely beautiful” and not a supermodel, unlike his last girlfriends. What a giver!

And though we all believe him — we promise! — some of us would still like some proof.

Speaking of his fiancee, I wonder how she feels about all of this. Has she read the article or are they saving that for after the wedding? I could see it becoming a heartfelt reception speech or part of his sure-to-be-emotional vows.

Well, I’ll give him this: he definitely has something that I wish I could have.

Here’s to hoping he and his “average” wife have a long, happy life together — or, you know, that she realizes what an egotistic guy he is and she gets tf out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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