This Lyft Driver Refused To Take Home An Intoxicated Woman For A Really Important Reason

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This Lyft driver refused to drive an intoxicated women home after a night out, but not for the reason you might think.

The woman who ordered the Lyft was intoxicated to the point that she couldn’t walk on her own, driver Tro’Juan Henderson explained in a video he posted on Twitter. Her friends handed Henderson the woman’s keys and asked him to help her get safely inside her home.

Henderson requested that one of the friends go with him, even offering them a discount so that both women could get home safely. He also offered to call another Lyft driver if it would make them more comfortable, but the friends refused, so Henderson cancelled the ride.

Before you go thinking that it was a dick move on his part, he had a good reason — for him, it’s a lesson in rape culture.

In the video, Henderson explained that it’s not unheard of for Uber or Lyft drivers to sexually assault their customers

“Even though I won’t rape or sexually assault this lady, as a friend, that puts your friend in a possibility of great danger,” Henderson said.

He also pointed out that the woman probably would not respond well if she woke up to a large Black man carrying her into her house, especially if she had been traumatized by experiences in the past.

A lot of people applauded Henderson’s decision to look out for the woman.

Some were angry — not at Henderson, but at the woman’s friends.

There’s nothing more inspiring than all the love and support Henderson received for speaking out about the issue.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: be a good person and don’t trust a stranger to be the one to get your friends home safely. Because honestly, you never know what could happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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