This Jealous Man Terrorized A Naked Massage Parlor After He Found Out His GF Was Secretly Working There

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A little white lie never hurt anybody, right? Though to be fair, completely lying to your significant other about what your profession is might not quite constitute as just a white lie, and this particular one hurt quite a few people in the end.

Grab some popcorn, friends. It’s going to be a wild ride.

Cristian Barbu’s girlfriend told him she worked at a cafe, but little did he know that she actually worked at a naked massage parlor, where both she and her clients were fully nude as she worked as a masseuse. And when he did find out, shit went down.

It didn’t help that he found out the hard way — according to the Manchester Evening News, he learned through the grapevine when someone else told him she’d been secretly working there.

After learning his girlfriend’s true profession, Barbu visited the massage parlor, called Passions, and demanded to see his girlfriend. He proceeded to rip out the landline, confiscate the secretary’s phone and arm himself with a knife. He then barged into the room where his girlfriend was servicing another man. And let me tell you now: it did not end well.

Barbu’s girlfriend fled the room when she realized what was happening, but Barbu chased her down and beat her, pulling her down the corridor by her hair. He then returned to the room where his girlfriend’s client had locked himself in and kicked down the door. The client became the new target of Barbu’s wrath as Barbu beat him to a pulp.

Perhaps the most bizarre part? Between the beatings, Barbu took smoking breaks and even paused to kiss the receptionist’s hand, though he refused to let her leave the premises.

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Altogether, Barbu spent about an hour terrorizing the massage parlor, at times turning his rage toward random employees and charging toward them with his knife. One security guard attempted to disable him but was foiled when Barbu bit him on the bicep.

Eventually, the female owner of the parlor managed to disarm him by pushing his thumb back so that he dropped the knife. Without his weapon to protect him, the employees piled on top of him so he was unable to move and cause further harm.

Barbu has now been jailed for 32 months on account of causing actual bodily harm, possessing a bladed article, common assault and criminal damage. He also faced automatic deportation to Romania, though he allegedly prefers this and wants to serve his sentence in his home country.

Oh, and since the incident, which happened a year ago, he’s managed to get married to a different woman and have a kid. What world we live in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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