This Indie Bookstore Turned Its Novels Into Art On Instagram

Sometimes expanding your fanbase means getting a little creative. That’s definitely what this indie bookstore in France did when it decided to take to Instagram and found a new way to advertise its books — by turning the covers into art.

Librairie Mollat uses book covers that have people’s faces on them and has members of the staff hold them up to their own faces, blending the images on the covers with the real life person almost seamlessly.

The result is captivating.

The Instagram posts have gained the bookstore a lot of attention, garnering thousands of like per photo.

It’s a brilliant marketing strategy and an example of how businesses should use Instagram — not just for company updates, but for free advertising.

You can check out the shop’s Instagram for a lot more of these stunning photos — they’re definitely worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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