This Girl Got The Ultimate Revenge On Her Ex After He Dumped Her A Week Before Prom And Asked For His Money Back

Twitter / @panchal_maria

If your boyfriend of 11 months dumped you a week before prom, you’d probably be a little bitter about it. And if he asked you to give him his money back so he could go to a different prom, you’d probably be really bitter about it.

Twitter user @panchal_maria sure was when she learned her ex sent her this nice little message asking her for his $95 back.

Twitter / @panchal_maria

Of course she was going to give her money back, but when she realized what he’d be using it for, she knew she had to get creative.

Twitter / @panchal_maria

So she came up with the absolute perfect plan.

Twitter / @panchal_maria

That’s right, she gave him all $95 back — in pennies.

Twitter / @panchal_maria

People were definitely angry for her, because who dumps their girlfriend of almost a year literally right before prom?

And a lot of people were really just proud of her.

I know I’m over high school drama, but still — I can only aspire to be this level of petty ex-girlfriend. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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