People Are Tweeting New United Airlines Mottos And They’re Hilariously Savage

Flickr / Tomás Del Coro and Twitter / @alanamarks022

If you can count on Twitter for anything, it’s to be savage af. Let’s be honest — why else do you find yourself scrolling through your newsfeed 10 times a day? It’s definitely not to hear about your friends’ Netflix habits, that’s for sure.

So it’s not surprising that people have taken to the platform to roast United Airlines after they forcibly dragged a customer off of a Chicago flight. After all, did it really even happen if Twitter doesn’t shamelessly troll the hell out of it?

While people trolled the airline’s tweets yesterday, today they have come up with something even more beautiful: the hashtag #NewUnitedAirlineMottos.

At least United Airlines also gave other companies a chance to revamp their own slogans.

God, sometimes I hate the world, but I will always love the internet.

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