Ja Rule Only Kinda Apologized For The ‘Fyre Fest’ Shit Show And Now Everyone Is Roasting Him On Twitter

Twitter / @Ruleyork and Youtube / Fyre Festival

So, Fyre Fest didn’t quite go as planned, huh?

If you need a quick recap, here it is: basically, Instagram-loving Millennials paid up to $12,000 to attend a festival on a remote island that was put on by Ja Rule. They expected luxury beaches, wild parties and live music, but instead the festival was cancelled and everyone was stranded on the island with little food and water, tents without electricity and — the worst part — no beer.


So, yeah.

We haven’t heard much from the people behind the festival yet, but Ja Rule finally took to Twitter to apologize about the giant, chaotic shit show, which probably won’t save him now, but it was a good try.

Do you hear that, festival goers? It was NOT A SCAM, he swears.

Of course, people found plenty of ways to make fun of the sort-of-apology.



At least he gave us some awesome quotes to use in the future when we all inevitably fuck up big, though hopefully not to the degree of stranding thousands of rich kids on an island.

Some people went so far as to even thank him for the whole ordeal.



Honestly, those festival-goers should’ve known not to trust Ja Rule.


Personally, I think this is all a giant plot to get Ja Rule back on the map again. No one’s gonna forget his name once all those lawsuits come rushing in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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