Zara’s Dumbass Ad About ‘Loving Your Curves’ Features Absolutely No Women With Curves

Twitter / Muireann O'Connell
Twitter / Muireann O’Connell

In the age of body positivity, clothes brands and fashion designers are finding ways to incorporate all shapes and sizes into their advertising campaigns. It’s a beautiful sentiment when done right, and mostly just a gruesome, horrifying train wreck when done wrong. Looks like Zara got stuck in the debris now.

The European clothes brand released this ad about loving your curves, and it went very, very wrong.

Seriously, Zara? If those are curves, what the hell do I have?!

Other people found the ad just as ridiculous, and their reactions were on point.

Some were worried that Muireann’s tweet was shaming models and other petite women.

But Muireanne and others were sure to remind everyone that it’s not the models’ fault, but Zara’s. After all, body positivity is about accepting all body types, including the conventionally pretty ones.

Remember: ALL women are beautiful. But let’s not skew women’s body images by celebrating “curves” using models that don’t really have any, okay? TC mark

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