Tinder Has An ‘Elite’ Version For Only The Hottest Users And Maybe You’ll Be One Of The Lucky Ones Invited

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Great news, guys: Tinder found a new way to make you feel worse about yourself than ever before. Didn’t think it was possible? Well, you’re just underestimating them now.

Tinder Select is a members-only service of the app, meant for the “elite” of the Tinder world. You know, like actors, models, CEOs and, according to TechCrunch, “people who do really well on Tinder.” Basically, it’s a dating pool of incredibly hot and probably incredibly rich people. There goes my shot at romance.

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How does Tinder decide who gets to be on this elite version of the hookup app? Well, I could try to tell you, but I’d be lying. Apparently it’s possible for users to nominate people, but altogether, it’s all pretty unclear. I’m sure the company has a good explanation they aren’t telling anyone. What would be the fun in being transparent?

But don’t worry, there’s still a slight chance you might snag a date with one of these hotties if they’re feeling down-to-Earth or charitable. They can toggle back and forth between Tinder Select and Tinder For The Lesser People, so there’s still some hope for us all. Except probably not. Let’s not set ourselves up for disappointment, OK?

Well, that was fun. Now let’s all go back to our boring, normal Tinders and try hard not to hate ourselves. TC mark

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