This Guy Set Up A Truly Hilarious Autocorrect On His Friend’s Phone And The Text Convo That Followed Was Hysterical

Unsplash / Daria Nepriakhina and Twitter / @michaelsana13

What are friends for if not to fuck with you endlessly? I’ll never forget the time my own group put my number on a Craigslist ad for extremely cheap Justin Bieber tickets mere hours before his concert, or when they convinced everyone at a party to pretend like I wasn’t there. Being nice is overrated.

This friend group is the prime example of why we all need friends, even if we don’t always want them.

Twitter / @michaelsana13

It started with autocorrect, and it was the beginning of something beautiful.

Twitter / @michaelsana13

Wait for it.

Twitter / @michaelsana13

This. This is the reason we all need friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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