This Far-Right Tweet Making Fun Of Liberals Just Became The Internet’s Next Biggest Meme

Twitter / /pol/ News Network
Twitter / /pol/ News Network

There is truly nothing more enjoyable in life than trolling ultra-conservative republicans online. Need proof? We have plenty.

Just the other day, this far-right Twitter user posted this picture with the caption “This is the future that liberals want.”

And people took the bait because yeah, that’s what liberals want.

Like, literally EXACTLY what they want.

But of course, this is the internet that we’re talking about. Why would it stop there when we could take it to a whole new level?

Yes, perfect. This is what we’ve really been looking for.

Sometimes things went a little far, but you know, it’s all chill.

It’s what America needs, honestly.

The future has never seemed so bright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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