This Dad Noticed His Ex’s Fridge Was Completely Empty And What He Did Next Was Absolutely Heartwarming

Facebook / Brandon Carpenter

Co-parenting is never easy — but then again, is parenting ever? While it may be difficult to get over whatever happened between you and your child’s other parent, some people are able to put their hard feelings aside and work together for their kid. Take this dad, for instance.

Brandon Carpenter dropped by his child’s mother’s house to bring his daughter some infant Tylenol when he noticed that her fridge was nearly empty. The only things inside were for their daughter, like formula and water. So he did the best thing he could think of: he bought her enough groceries to last her a few weeks.

Facebook / Brandon Carpenter

“[J]ust because we aren’t together doesn’t mean I can’t provide for her if she needs it…” he wrote on Facebook. “[I]f my child’s mother is good then I know she is taking care of our daughter the best she can and that makes me happy…”

Hopefully awesome co-parenting will become a trend in 2017, because lord knows we need something good to happen this year. TC mark

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This is me letting you go

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