This Baby Looks Just Like Ed Sheeran And People Can’t Believe He Isn’t The Father

Twitter / @1TD and Flickr / Eva Rinaldi

If there’s anything we know about 2-year-old Isla Walton, it’s this: she is absolutely adorable, and she also might be an actual clone of Ed Sheeran.

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Like really, has someone been experimenting with our favorite ginger’s DNA? If so, please come forward. We need to have a talk.

Naturally, everyone is simultaneously freaked out and intrigued by Sheeran’s mini-me, who is arguably much cuter than him (sorry, Eddie).

The moment some people set eyes on the photo, they knew this girl was going to be a star. How could she not, when she has such a legacy going for her?

Others just couldn’t believe that she really DOESN’T share any DNA with Sheeran. Because let’s be serious. Is there something they aren’t telling us?

It definitely caused a few meltdowns as our brains struggled to understand just what the hell was going on.

Please, Ed, if you’re reading this, help a sister out. I need an explanation, and I need it now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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