This 8-Year-Old Went On A Run Because Her Crush Called Her Fat And Now Everyone Is Encouraging Her To Love Herself

Twitter / @briseydahh

If you’ve ever done something stupid for a boy, then you know Allysson Baires struggle. The 8-year-old decided to join her cousin Briseyda Ponce on a run because of — you guessed it — her crush.

Apparently Allysson’s crush, Hector, and some of the girls in her class called her fat, so she decided to be proactive about it.

Twitter / @briseydahh

She quickly learned how terrible running actually is.

Twitter / @briseydahh

And then Allysson did the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen an 8-year-old do — she pulled out a snack mid-run.

Twitter / @briseydahh

People were touched by Allysson’s story and tweeted an outpouring of support, mostly telling her to ditch the boy.

The good people of the internet wanted Allysson to know she’s beautiful inside and out, and that she shouldn’t try to change for someone else.

Honestly, we can all learn a thing or two from Allysson. The first is that we shouldn’t waste our time on people who don’t appreciate us for who we are, and the second is that rice krispie treats are better than any boy could ever be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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