These Teens Faked A Proposal For Free Food And Their Plan Was Brilliant

Twitter / @bathemeinnudes

What are best friends for if not duping the system to get free food? Honestly, if you and your bestie haven’t tried something like this yet, you’re doing it wrong.

Cati Domitrovich and Alex Nagle are best friends and also total geniuses. After a bad week, the two decided to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant for dinner, but not without a plan: they were going to make this dinner worthwhile.

Yep, that’s right.

Twitter / @bathemeinnudes

They legit faked a proposal.

Twitter / @bathemeinnudes

They claimed it was for the free desert, but honestly, I have a feeling it would be kind of fun regardless.

Twitter / @bathemeinnudes

Just look at that happy bride-to-be, glowing with the joy of knowing she won’t have to pay a single cent for that chocolate “congratulations.”

Twitter / @bathemeinnudes

Of course, people thought the plan was genius.

They didn’t choose the scamming life, the scamming life chose them.

Some people, however, weren’t so impressed.

Whatever, haters. Obviously you don’t understand that free food tastes the best.

Anyway, where are all my friends at? I’m gonna need you tonight around 7 p.m. Bring your nicest ring, please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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