These OSU Spring Breakers Started A Hilarious Go Fund Me To Replace The Booze The Police Made Them Pour Out

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, 16 college kids traveled down to Alabama looking for a spring break getaway. It was night 1, morale was high, things were so good…”

That’s how the Go Fund Me page started by these 16 Ohio State students began. It was just the starting point for what was about to become an epic spring break.

Go Fund Me / Sarah Adams

The students went to Alabama for break, where they were caught by the police while partying with one friend who was underage. The police gave them an ultimatum: pour out their 15 handles, several cases of beer and about 20 Four Lokos, or they would take the underage friend.

Of course, the students chose their friend and begrudgingly handed over their alcohol.

“We could not let our young, innocent friend face those types of trials, so the decision was clear,” they wrote on the Go Fund Me page. “Our hearts broke as we cracked open plentiful amounts of lokos and natty ices and watched our hopes and dreams go down the drain – literally.  After the beverages in question were gone, so was morale.”

But that didn’t mean the party was over. Instead, they did the only think they could think of: they turned to the internet in hopes that someone could save spring break.

Go Fund Me / Sarah Adams

“So here we are, trapped and sober in the worst conference in the country with a 56% alcohol tax, asking for any contributions you see fit to help us attempt to redeem any fun that is left to be had,” they wrote.

While they only expected to earn $50 on the basis of humor, it turns out, their cry for help was heard. They currently have $430, and the number just keeps going up.

“From a former soccer mom & OSU alum!” one donor wrote. “Hope this helps bring some joy back to your spring break and yes, the SEC sucks!”

Another wrote, “$5 for the funny write up, $5 for the fuck the SEC reference, and $10 because I never donate to Hallie’s buckeyethon, I knew there would eventually be a better cause.”

Whatever the reason for donating, thank god there are good Samaritans in the world who understand the struggle of staying in the South without the proper buzz. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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