There’s A Twitter Hashtag Making Fun of Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Microwave’ Comments And Holy Shit It’s All Hilarious

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Remember when Kellyanne Conway said Obama might’ve been spying on Trump through his microwave? Yeah, that was a weird thing that happened. Why did that happen again?

While I still can’t make sense of her thought process, I may never have to. Because luckily for us, the internet has blessed us with plenty of microwave-themed memes so that we can just laugh away the pain of knowing this woman is helping run our country.

Like this beauty, which shows Conway taking the perfect picture with the perfect camera.

A bunch of others have joined in, using the hashtag #microwavecamera to show just how bizarre Conway’s comments were.

It made plenty of people start wondering about their own microwaves and what these futuristic devices may be capable of.

In fact, for all you know, Obama could be watching you right now.

At least it gives us some incentive to look nice every day?

So thanks, Kellyanne. I may be terrified for the future of my country, but at least you gave me a good laugh during these trying times. Wait, is that not your job? TC mark

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