The Story Of This Dog And Her Foster Pups Is Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful

via Imgur
via Imgur

To say that animals can’t comprehend tragedy is a pretty bold — and ignorant — claim. The story of Daisy the foster mom is proof that even pets can have heartbreaking pasts.

Daisy isn’t human — she’s a perfect, beautiful dog who found herself in a terrible situation when her owners’ barn caught on fire.

Only three weeks after giving birth to seven beautiful puppies, she lost all of them in the fire. Her human mom, Jessica Woodruff, told Buzzfeed that the family had to hold Daisy back to keep her from running into the burning barn.

Daisy was devastated. According to her family, she refused to eat. She visited the barn every day and sat beside it, whining. Her heart was broken, and it hurt her family to watch.

Jessica knew she needed to do something for Daisy. She decided to search for foster puppies online, hoping that providing Daisy with a new little family would cheer her up. So she turned to Facebook for help.

via Imgur
via Imgur

Jessica eventually heard back from a woman named Lorna Murphy, whose dog of five years died shortly after giving birth to eight puppies. Lorna called Jessica, who believed their meeting was fate.

Lorna brought the puppies over to meet Daisy, and they had an instant connection. Daisy immediately began to nurse the puppies.

While the situation isn’t permanent — the puppies will return to their home after they’re weaned — it’s still the perfect solution. Spending time with the puppies brightened Daisy’s mood, and she’s started to return to her normal self again.

Daisy doesn’t visit to the barn anymore. Instead, she lives happily with her foster pups, reminding us all that there is hope in even the darkest times. TC mark


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