Stephen King Just Tweeted A Modern Horror Story About Donald Trump And It’s Hilarious

Flickr / Stephanie Lawton and Twitter / Stephen King

It’s no secret that Stephen King isn’t really a fan of President Trump or his administration. Why be silent about your discontent when you could scream it from the mountaintops and Tweet about it excessively?

Like most of us, the horror genius had quite the hay day after Trump’s tweet about the Obama administration wiretapping Trump Tower during the election.

He decided to turn the Twitter moment into his own version of a (very realistic) horror story:

The strawberry ice cream is a reference to a scene in The Caine Mutiny where Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg is convinced someone has been stealing strawberries from the officers’ mess and orders the crew to investigate.

But King’s story didn’t end there.

SAD! indeed.

And for the biggest twist of all:

Of course, every masterpiece has its criticism. Some people weren’t too fond of King’s tale. Perhaps it hits just a little too close to home?

Others had their own additions to the story.

Now this is a movie I would actually pay more than $2 to watch. What do you say, Stephen? Make our dreams come true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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