Everything You Need To Know About The London Terror Attack

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You may have heard about the terror attack that shook London on Wednesday, but do you really know what happened? If not, have no fear — we’re here to tell you the 12 things you need to know to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on.

1. At 14:40 GMT on March 22, an attacker drove his car into crowds of pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, finally crashing it outside of parliament

2. The attacker then attempted to enter parliament wielding a knife

3. The assailant stabbed an unarmed police officer, Keith Palmer, who later died

4. The unnamed attacker was soon shot by police and immobilized

5. Prime Minister Teresa May admitted the attacker had been investigated before by MI5 because of concerns of violent extremism (though she claimed the case was historic)

6. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, though the claim is currently unverified

7. Eight arrests have been made after police searched six separate addresses

8. Despite this, Teresa May claimed that the attacker worked alone and that there was no reason to believe any further attacks had been planned

9. Donald Trump reached out to May to promise the UK the full support of the US government in retaliating the attack

10. Altogether, four people died in the attack, including Keith Palmer and the attacker

11. 40 others were injured — 29 were sent to the hospital for treatment and seven are in critical condition

12. The attacker was finally named as 52-year-old Khalid Masood Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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