Everyone Is Freaking The Fuck Out Over How This Guy Opens His Bread

Twitter / Al McKayy

Have you ever been flatmates with a psychopath? I suppose this guy didn’t think he ever had, either, until he saw a terrible sight in his kitchen that had him running.

Twitter user Al McKayy learned the terrible truth the hard way: his roommate opens his bread like a legitimate serial killer would.

Who does this, besides people who are bloodthirsty, have a terribly dark past or are looking to start a violent revolution?

Let’s be clear, though: this wasn’t a one time thing, but a pattern of behavior the roommate displayed.

Everyone was ready to diagnose Al’s roommate as a grade-A sociopath, because let’s be serious. What else could be wrong with him?

It turns out, this isn’t unusual for psychopaths. Others have come forward to show that they, too, are uncivilized human beings who don’t deserve to own a loaf of bread.


It’s just not normal human behavior!

Most people just wanted the best for Al and tried to give him some advice.

This goes to show that honestly, accidentally living with a psychopath could happen to anyone. Just keep an eye out for the signs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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