24 Pictures And Gifs That Are So Weirdly Satisfying You Won’t Be Able To Look Away

Have you ever watched a video online or seen something irl and thought, “Wow, something about that looks so satisfying that I can’t look away”? You can’t explain why it makes every fiber of your being feel at peace with the world, but damn it, it just does.

So we decided to do you all a favor and collect some of our favorite posts from Reddit’s Oddly Satisfying subreddit in hopes that we can make your day just a little better. You’re welcome.

1. This pencil sketch.

Reddit / witenry

2. This container of ice cream being scooped out on rewind.

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3. These Japanese monorails.

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4. This moving sculpture.

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5. This sand castle with extremely clean lines.

Reddit / umer70

6. This moving optical illusion.

Twist and turn. from oddlysatisfying

7. This video of snow overnight.

Overnight snowfall

8. This herb display.

via Imgur

9. This satisfying shade of black.

This sphere is coated in Vantablack, the darkest pigment ever, making it look 2 dimensional.

10. This perfect tile alignment.

Reddit / PolytheneMan

11. This incredibly clear water.

Reddit / hgsaf5

12. This cutlery organization.

Reddit / rednabeel

13. This window art.


14. This picture of the Super Moon.

Reddit / Mr_Popty_Ping

15. This crayon melting in reverse.

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16. This cookie decoration.

17. This watercolor.

Shimmering watercolors

18. This prism.

via zonemoon

19. This very smooth stream of water.

MRW I find out this username isn’t taken

20. These items being vacuum sealed.

Sit back and be satisfied

21. This photo of the sand seas of the Namib Desert.

Reddit / Pirate_Redbeard

22. These smoke bubbles.

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23. This spider weaving a web.

Reddit / umer70

24. This perfect PB&J.

via Reddit

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