This Woman Vanished After Sending A Final Cryptic Text, But Her iCloud Might Be The Key To Finding Her

Facebook / Toni Anderson
Facebook / Toni Anderson

When Toni Anderson went missing after getting pulled over by a police officer in Kansas City, the world wondered exactly what had happened to the 20-year-old strip club waitress. Now, we might just be one step closer to finding out.

Anderson was pulled over after leaving work in the early hours of Jan. 15 to head toward another strip club to meet some friends. She had texted her friend Roxanne Townsend saying “OMG just got pulled over again.” It was the last time anyone heard from her.

Police were able to track her car’s GPS to a QuikTrip ATM, though the car’s GPS device stopped working soon after.

However, in the age of technology, there may be other ways to find out what happened to Toni Anderson that night. Her father confirmed that authorities were able to find new evidence from her iCloud that he hopes will be able to help them find his daughter.

While Anderson’s mother told the media that she believes her daughter’s disappearance is due to sex trafficking, there is not yet proof that her disappearance was foul play. TC mark

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