This Woman Found A Lost iPhone And What She Found On It Left Her Horrified

Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain and Twitter / afronomics
Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain and Twitter / afronomics

Have you ever thought about just how much information you keep in your phone? Your name, your parents’ names and contact information, photos of you and the people close to you. Not to mention most people have access to their social media, email and credit card numbers within the device. It’s all just a tap away.

Twitter user afronomics realized this when she found a lost iPhone and decided to see what she could find out about its owner. All she wanted was to figure out how to return the phone, but what she found was eye opening.

It started out normal enough.

But it didn’t take long for her to feel weird about what she had found out about the iPhone’s owner.

She decided to use her experience to warn others about what information they put into their phones.

She also gave some advice to other iPhone users so they won’t have to worry about being in a similar situation.

People were understandably grateful for the tip.

Others worried about how easily Apple let strangers retrieve their information without their knowledge.

Afronomics’s experience is a lesson to us all: be careful about what information you keep in your phone, and always check your privacy settings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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