This Police Department Actually Responded To A Fifth Grader Who Needed Emergency Help With Her Homework

Molly Draper via TheDailyMail and Facebook via TheDailyMail
Molly Draper via TheDailyMail and Facebook via TheDailyMail

Not all emergencies have to do with stolen items or assault. Sometimes they have to do with fifth grade math problems.

That’s how 10-year-old Lena Draper saw it, at least. When she couldn’t figure out her math homework, she took to the Ohio Police Department’s Facebook page to see if she could get some answers there.

Facebook via TheDailyMail

Though it wasn’t an emergency the department was used to, they didn’t turn Draper away. Instead, the officer who runs the Facebook page decided to help with a few equations.

Facebook via TheDailyMail

However, even our heroes are wrong sometimes. The officer led her astray on one question, telling her to add before multiplying instead of the other way around.

Facebook via TheDailyMail

Draper sent screenshots of the conversation to her mother, who then posted them online for her friends.

I wish the police would’ve been there for me back when I was learning compound equations. Then again, maybe even they couldn’t have saved me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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