This Girl’s Childhood Friend Was Arrested After He Allegedly Strangled Her For 30 Minutes

via Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office

It’s one thing to fight with your friends, but it’s another thing altogether to be suspected of their murder.

Liam McAtasney, a nineteen-year-old from New Jersey, stands accused of strangling his childhood friend to death. The victim, nineteen year old Sarah Stern, left her family home on Dec. 2 and never returned.

A witness alleged that McAtasney said he watched Stern die for about 30 minutes as he strangled her, then enlisted Stern’s prom date and mutual friend Preston Taylor to help dispose of the body in the Shark River, where authorities later found Stern’s 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royale.

The witness also alleged that McAtasney had planned the murder for several weeks leading up to Stern’s death.

McAtasney’s lawyer insisted that McAtasney had nothing to do with Stern’s murder, and that there was still a possibility that Stern was alive. He called McAtasney’s comments to the witness simple “locker room talk”.

Both McAtasney and Taylor are being held by authorities without bond and have yet to enter a plea. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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