This Girl Who Won $18M In The Lottery Got The Ultimate Revenge On Her Ex

Twitter / Heidi Tomlinson
Twitter / Heidi Tomlinson

What would you do if you won $18 million? You could buy a new house, donate a portion to charity or go on the ultimate trip around the world. Or, you know, you can use it to get revenge on your ex.

That’s exactly what this woman did when she found out she won the jackpot on Europe’s lottery. One of the first things Beverly Dolan did after receiving the news of her big win was reach out to her ex-boyfriend and rub it in his face.

As you can imagine, her ex wasn’t pleased. The 48-year-old tattoo artist, Sean Priestley, took to Facebook to complain about it.

Facebook / Sean Priestley

Ouch. It’s no surprise Sean took it pretty hard, considering the couple had been together for 12 years and only broke up seven months ago. They also have three kids together, so he’s sure to get plenty of updates about her new luxurious lifestyle.

When interviewed by MailOnline, though, Sean sucked up his pride and said he was happy that his kids would now have a financially secure future.

While it’s a pretty cold move on Beverley’s part, there’s still some good that came out of her win. She plans to donate some of her money to autism charities, since her two youngest children are both autistic.

I guess there’s a lesson to be learned here: try to keep a good relationship with your ex, so when they win millions of dollars by pure accident, maybe you’ll manage to get a cut. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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