This Girl Put On A Hilariously Terrible Disguise To Follow Her Best Friend On A First Date

Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks
Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks

If you’ve never joked about wearing a disguise and following your friend around on a first date, are you even really friends? And if you don’t actually go through with it, are you really best friends?

This girl decided to go the extra mile to make sure her friend didn’t fuck up on the first date, which is honestly best friend #goals.

Dawsyn Eubanks was eating with her date when she received this ominous text.

Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks
Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks

When she turned around, she saw something straight out of a sitcom.

Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks

So casual.

Twitter / Dawsyn Eubanks

The internet was understandably in awe.

Some people even made some pretty interesting connections.

More than anything, people found it ~ so relatable ~.

Dawsyn assured everyone that despite her friend’s crazy antics, all was well.

This goes to show that a best friend will truly be there for every milestone in your life, even if they’ve got to put on a fake ‘stache and stand ten feet away from you at all times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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