This Artist Fights Her Eating Disorder By Drawing About It, And Her Pieces Are Absolutely Amazing

Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder (or has known someone who has) understands that recovery is a process: it’s often not fast or easy, and how it plays out depends entirely on this person. This woman, for instance, began to heal through her own artwork, and the result is captivating.

After struggling with an eating disorder for four years, Christie Begnell is now coming out with a book of her work that illustrates the realities of living with an ED.

Many of her illustrations involve a dark, skeletal figure looming in the background, signifying how her disorder has controlled her for so many years.

Her pieces remind us that eating disorders don’t just affect people physically, but mentally as well.

Much of Christie’s work is about changing how we see eating disorders and, most importantly, how we see ourselves.

Christie’s work has a message we can all walk away with: you are beautiful just the way you are, even if you don’t always feel like you are. And you know what? That’s OK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Callie is a writer, editor, and publisher at Thought Catalog. Her debut book, ‘The Words We Left Behind,’ is available for pre-order before its January 9, 2024 release.

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