Someone Turned Donald Trump’s Tweets Into Emo Lyrics And It’s Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Youtube / Super Deluxe
Youtube / Super Deluxe

Here are two things you never thought you’d see together: emo music and Donald Trump.

Sure, we simultaneously smile and cringe when we think back to the days when we blasted My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights in our childhood bedroom. And sure, we all love getting a nice laugh (or cry) out of Donald Trump’s tweets. What better way for our worlds to collide than to make them one?

YouTube Channel Super Deluxe came up with the genius idea of taking Trump’s tweets and turning them into the lyrics of an early 2000s emo song. It sounds ridiculous until you actually listen to the song and you realize they might be onto something. Trump channels all your teenage angst in 140-character intervals, and it’s a welcome throwback you never knew you wanted in your life.

Watch the full video here:

Who knew our president was also a master lyricist? No one, that’s who. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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