Gordon Ramsay Is Dragging Amateur Cooks’ Food On Twitter And It’s Hilarious

Flicker / gordonramsaysubmissions and Twitter / Gordon Ramsay
Flicker / gordonramsaysubmissions and Twitter / Gordon Ramsay

Anyone who’s watched Hell’s Kitchen knows that Gordon Ramsay is savage AF. It’s a huge part of his public persona, so it’s no surprise that he’s no different on social media.

Recently, people have been tweeting pictures of their home-cooked meals to Ramsay, and he surprised everyone by actually responding. Of course, not without a whole bunch of insults that will leave you feeling more burnt than your food turned out.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Ramsay, but even I’ve got to admit that these are absolutely perfect.



Simply beautiful.

He even threw in some puns for good measure because, well, why not.


So many beautiful, life-changing puns.

One thing’s for sure: he isn’t afraid to break anyone’s heart.

He wasn’t absolutely terrible to everyone, though — he gave credit where credit was due.

Could this be the next big idea for a reality TV show? Probably not, but man, I wish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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