10 Ways You Know You’re Over the Narcissistic Twenty-Something Bulls*it

Flickr / Bailey Weaver
Flickr / Bailey Weaver

Graduating from college and figuring out the fundamentals of what it takes to be a thriving adult is a weird, awkward time. But it’s a tale as old as time. We aren’t the first or last generation to experience the inevitable growing pains that come with the right of passage into adulthood. But with the advent of social media, it’s easy for Gen-Y to get their voice heard on this topic. We’re flooded with article after article, Instagram account after Instagram account, and so on and so forth, of this type of subject matter.

This in turn leads many of us to believe that we’re going through a unique, revolutionary, coming-of-age that no adult older than us could possibly understand. News flash, the world does not revolve around you and your twenty-something mishaps, and the universe isn’t conspiring against you and the person you’re trying to become. This is really just a natural progression of life; your parents and even your grandparents have experienced a lot of the same shit, they’re just not constantly word vomiting about it. As Lana Del Ray sings in Gods & Monsters, “life isn’t that hard.”

1. Your friend sends you yet another article to read up on written by someone your age or younger and you silently groan, roll your eyes, and never click on the exasperating blue link.

2. You realize that the majority of the ‘problems’ you’ve faced since graduating from college are experienced by most everyone else in some form or fashion.

3. Your ears feel like they could, at any moment, start spontaneously bleeding when someone tries to give you unsolicited advice on something they know very little about.

4. Some days you wake up disliking everyone, even your friends, because they’re all reminders of the egotism that plagues our generation.

5. You’ve ‘unfollowed’ all Instagram accounts that have nothing to do with actual photos but instead are built on ‘self-help,’ ‘self-love,’ or motivating memes.

6. You deactivate your Facebook once every few months and don’t miss it for a second.

7. You find the company of older people way more enjoyable because they truly have some life experience under their belt.

8. You find that sitting at home with your fur baby is actually the most cathartic thing life can offer at this point.

9. You don’t need exhaustive lists to realize you’re doing pretty damn fine.

10. Reading an article about reasons why you’re tired of articles written by millennials is both irritating and refreshing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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