8 Reasons Why Irish Girls Are The Best


No matter time it is or what day it may be, you can be certain that we’ll sit down and have a drink with you. Beer, whiskey, liquor… you name it, we’ll drink it!


We’re amazing at striking up conversations and keeping it going. Even if what we’re talking about doesn’t make any sense to you and is completely out of context, we’re talking. Enjoy it. Chances are, you’re probably the awkward one.


Who doesn’t love a good cook? Wifey status! We always find ways to make something out of nothing, and almost always that “something” includes potatoes. If you don’t all ready love spuds, you’ll learn to!


Our temper may be a blessing AND a curse at times…but be sure that we’ll destroy—verbally, of course—whoever thinks it’s cute to mess with you. We’re very loyal to our family and friends, so watch out!


We’ll always be willing to go to the beach! Make sure you bring loads of sunscreen, though, because we fry even when we THINK about the sun! We’re so pale to begin with that a little color wouldn’t hurt!


We’re pretty damn humble—so much so that it probably gets frustrating to the lads that compliment us. Even if you compliment our eyes, we’ll give credit to someone else for it. “Thanks, I got them from my parents.” We never get cocky.


Because we have a mysteriously low body temperature, we’re always up for a serious cuddle sesh! You can count on us to bring the tea, but you are in charge of the blankets! Better yet, just wait until winter rolls around…you can be sure you’ll be spending a lot of couch time with us!


We have mouths like sailors…how could anything get boring when you have a girl that curses 24/7? Ha-ha!

We’re just awesome. Boys, get yourselves a nice Irish girl…we’re one of a kind! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Neil Krug

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