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This Is What Growing Up Is Really Like

Even when you are drowning in disappointment in yourself—even when you have not lived the life you deem exciting or adequately adventurous, you have still lived something. It is impossible to have learned nothing. It is impossible to be nothing.

When You Fall Out Of Love With A Book

It’s a hard thing to accept, that something you were once so connected to, something that moved you so completely, has changed for you. And you know it hasn’t changed, not really. It’s the same old book.

The Days You Choose To Write

Sure, it’s easier to feel like a writer on the days it all comes together, but the days when I struggle, the days when I fight for it, those are the days that have conditioned me.

The Things Your Death Stole From Us

When I received that phone call, I was struck by how unfair it was. Not that you had died, because you were peaceful in your passing and it was time. I was struck instead by how unprepared I was

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