10 Things I Learned From Being The ‘Weird Kid’

From childhood to my budding adult life I have carried with me a sense of unusualness, like I am some kind of enigmatic anomaly. I have found myself labelled the odd ball, the black sheep, and the “weirdo”. It’s become my shadow following me to every corner of the globe and a feeling that’s hard to shake. Whether it is through my own presumption or true fact (one informs the other) that is to be debated. Nonetheless, I have reluctantly taken up this moniker and have learned throughout the years that it is as much a blessing as it is a curse.

1. Your Self-awareness needs to be more self-aware.

Most people who are called a weirdo in school usually aren’t too aware how they’re coming off, as often, it’s not the way they imagine. My learning curve of this was in the 6th grade when one of my classmates casually expressed to me “No offense, but everyone thinks you’re weird”. Pretty harsh for a twelve year old to hear, but in a way he was right. I mean, no one really wanted to know about my extensive collection of Dinosaur toys

2. You have a niche market.

Or more correctly, you are a niche market. Be it with friends or dating there’s the people who are going to totally get you, who know what you’re all about. No, it won’t be bat shit crazies. They will be real people who you will come to love and adore. Trust me, they’re worth waiting for.

3. Most people won’t understand you.

Don’t wait for this day, it won’t come, they won’t try and understand your point of view, they’re not obliged to and probably don’t have the time. That’s ok though, because you’re the only one you have to live with.

4. You develop a thick skin.

As you go on throughout the years it will seem that there is a sea of rejection crashing over you. People are assholes and will sometimes treat you as a joke, mainly because you are hard to read. The trick is not to get hung up on it. Keep pushing through and you’ll find where you belong. Resilience is a great tool for life.

5. Your trials and tribulations of being a weirdo are great creative tools.

Yes, your social awkwardness can create great story telling. If you’re not taking yourself too seriously and have a keen analytical eye you might just write the next Seinfeld, who knows.

6. You are actually really cool.

No, seriously those “cool kids” with the fake tan dancing to “wicked beats” in the club. You know the ones you had to endure university / college with? The guys with their hat backwards and they’re oversized hot wheels cars, and the girls who say “Hey babes” and “totes”? Those people were never cool, they were vacuous and dumb. You drinking peyote and reading Keats, trying to re-enact the Dead Poets Society is cool, Hunter S. Thompson cool.

7. It gets tiring and lonely.

No one wants to be labelled the weirdo, its shitty, its dismissive, it down right sucks. Often these people have the most to offer you, the most kind hearted and interesting. Yes they are rough around the edges but they are diamonds in the mud. Just give ‘em a bit of a clean, they’re dying for it!

8. It never gets easier.

You are your own responsibility, if you want people to change the way they perceive you, then self-improvement and enlightenment can give you a better chance of inclusion with the wider group. Often though, it just leads to my discovery that it’s a better view from afar.

9. You are loved and valued.

Life is not wholly good. Sometimes it is extremely hard and challenging. If you ever catch yourself feeling lost, confused or resentful, remember your unusualness has given people a lot of light. There are people out there who really love your personality. Remember them in the harder times.

10. We are all weirdos.

Every single one of us is a weirdo, some are just better at hiding it. The most important thing to realise is that you are not alone. Realise that we are on the weirdest, most peculiar ride called life. Sit back relax and accept yourself because only you have the key to your own freedom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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