A Victoria’s Secret Eulogy

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starbooze’s Flickr

In Loving Memory Of
Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push-Up 38C
Beloved Friend and Lingerie
Very Sexy Push-Up is survived by two matching panties and a bottle of
Love Spell Body Mist

There you lie, atop my trash
Gazing sadly, from there, up at me.
Dear friend, we both knew this day would come.
Today we both have to say goodbye,
But it was a full life you did live.

I first met you in a shopping mall.
I was only fourteen, but I knew
That you were the perfect one for me.
Black lace and sparkles on hot pink silk,
You beckoned me from the mannequin.
I tried you on and was transformed from
A quiet girl, afraid of her curves,
Into an amazed, empowered woman.

We had many great years together.
You lifted, supported, and enhanced.
You even made t-shirts feel sexy.
You held me together, uplifting me.
I’d never know a greater support.

You were close to my heart for every
Date, formal, sleepover, and heartbreak.
You hid under my first lover’s bed
And would later get lost in his car,
But you would always return to me.

As the years went by your silk did fade,
Your sparkles came off in the wash.
Rips, tears, and snags appeared in your lace.
Your straps, bands, and underwire tired
I grew, my cup did runneth over
But you were still a comfort to me
For when I forgot to do laundry
Or when I was too sick to bother
You were still there, waiting patiently

But all good things must come to an end
It was only a matter of time
That day, when your underwire snapped and
Stabbed me in the sternum, my heart wept
I knew it was time to let you go

Here you lie, atop my trash;
Your body broken and battered but
Blushing beautifully even in death
As I reflect on the life we shared
Fare thee well, my friend, my supporter
Rest in peace, dearly departed bra Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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