An Open Letter To Every Human Alive On Earth Right Now

I tell myself this and I tell you this because I hope you know and you deserve to know. You are extraordinary. Absolutely extraordinary. Get the most out of life. What ever it is you desire you can do it. Whatever your heart whisper at you in those beautiful moments where you see the world more clearly. Go do it. Go be it. Be more because you can and because you deserve it.

What ever it is you believe about life, go at it wholeheartedly. That job you want, that hobby you want to take up, that trip you want to take… do it, please, because the world needs more of that. The world is starving for people with the courage to fulfill their dreams.

You can do infinitely more than you believe you can and the world is ours. The world is each of ours who all currently inhabit it…so please, believe it and go do it. Do more, be more, seek more, and question more.

And when you think you’ve arrived go further…and when you think you can’t, go further because you can.

Whatever it is you believe about yourself and about life, believe more and push your dreams and passions to the limit. The world needs more of that and it needs more of you.

Please, in the darkness of night, in the face of failure or triumph, don’t ever stop believing in the power of transformation, possibility, yourself, and us.

You are extraordinarily more than you can fathom and more than you can imagine so go, go now, it’s never too late.

You are here because the world needs you and it needs more of you.

Keep going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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