36 Sobering Signs You Have A Really Bad Case Of Senioritis

Senioritis is a special term for most people, for me, it was a lifestyle. There are moments that you just can’t explain or even understand how you got to the point of where you even are. The most important thing though is realizing it’s only a phase, laugh, and move on.
  1. When you can’t make it to class because you left your car at the bar.
  2. Reaching in your purse for a pencil, and pulling out a wine opener.
  3. Wearing your ‘going out’ clothes to the library so when you finish your paper, you can still make it to 75-cent shot night.
  4. Waking up 2 minutes before your final exam.
  5. And then getting there in the clothes from the night before.
  6. Bumming your neighbor’s Wi-Fi because you forgot to pay your bill last month.
  7. Needing a beer to get you through studying.
  8. Procrastinating a semester-long project.
  9. … And then spending 15 hours in the library the night before it’s due and still not finishing.
  10. Pawning the jewelry from your ex to pay for spring break.
  11. Eating two-day-old pizza because it’s all you have in your fridge.
  12. The guy at the liquor store knows what car you drive.
  13. Blackout tailgating and not making it into the game.
  14. Forgetting to remember things, like your online class.
  15. The only thing you learned this semester was how to go to class with a hangover.
  16. Needing something stronger than coffee but less than cocaine to wake up.
  17. Not knowing the last time you were sober.
  18. And the thought of being sober scares you.
  19. A 65 on your sociology test is not that bad.
  20. A nap is actually the only form of sleep you get.
  21. Thinking, “ramen noodles really aren’t that bad.”
  22. And getting real fancy by adding hot sauce sometimes.
  23. The words ‘free’ and ‘cancelled’ are important to you.
  24. Taking classes like underwater basket weaving or Navajo studies.
  25. Researching how much strippers make a year.
  26. Your “class friend” doesn’t even text to see if you’re coming to class.
  27. And they sign your name on the sign in sheet anyway.
  28. Thinking “I can have three beers and then go home and study.”
  29. Taco Bell is your main food group.
  30. Wearing sunglasses in your night class because your eyes are bloodshot.
  31. Finding random reasons to celebrate anything (like Britney Spears’ birthday).
  32. Driving to the campus gym.
  33. Skipping night class for happy hour.
  34. Using your textbook to level your table.
  35. When you don’t even understand what you don’t understand anymore.
  36. Showing up to graduation at 11am when in fact, you were supposed to walk at 9am.

….that’s when you know your time as a college student has expired. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Hillary Boles

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