Lesser Known Fast-Food Seasonal Treats

  1. Arby’s Ultimate Turducken
  2. Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Black Friday Charred Po’ Boy
  3. Quzino’s “Oops! All Lamb!” Passover Sandwich
  4. Denny’s Cyber Monday Digital Crepe.exe
  5. Subway Biodegradable Earth Day Brown Gravy Hero
  6. Popeye’s Foot Health Awareness Day Chicken Mistletoes Bowl (feet included)
  7. Boston Market’s Thanksgiving Tension-Filled WASP Pot Pie
  8. Wolfgang Puck’s Social Climbing Sunday Self-Aware Gingerbread Men
  9. Chipotle’s Reanimated Day of the Dead Burrito Bowl
  10. KFC’s Antietam Anniversary Bloody Biscuits
  11. In ‘N’ Out Burger’s Buy Nothing Day Deep-Fried Reuben in a Slow-Drip IV
  12. Chick Fil-A’s See We Love Minorities Matzoh Thing
  13. Bennigan’s Off-The-Wagon Day O’Doul’s-Soaked “Rum” Balls Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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