To The Girl Who Daydreams

Holly Lay
Holly Lay

Sometimes life is too much. Getting what we want is hard – there are so many people we have to convince in order to get there. Some of us can’t handle it every minute of every day. Some of us escape. Some of us, daydream.

Daydreaming let’s us escape. We can be anything we want to be inside of our heads. Our daydream world is all our own. We are the heroes, and we call the shots. Heartbreak is only there to add dramatic tension. We always get the love we deserve in the end. Struggle is there, but only because we want it to be. Our daydream world is set up for our success. We spend a lot of time there – but should we?

Little daydreamer with her hopes so high, is living 20 different lives in her head on any given day. Little big girl who grew up not believing she could be something important unless she lived it exclusively in her head. In this world she is too quiet to be extraordinary, she thinks. In her head she is loved by everyone. She tells herself that’s possible in real time, but she doesn’t really believe it. Daydream time is a much easier place to convince people that you are worth investing in. She wants to be an investment. She wants to be loved. Daydream land is a much less scary place to let these things happen than the real world is.

Can you be successful if you’re always in your head? In her head she has been married, written novels, built theme parks, saved lives. Her imagination would rival the world’s most elaborate video games and the minds that made them. Maybe she needs that imagination to survive. In real time she is quiet, anxious, and afraid to go after everything she’s accomplished in her head. She lives instead where she can be anything without the risk of failure or hurt. She lives inside but knows she can’t forever because daydreaming is hurting her too.

You can’t live if you’re always in your head. A daydream is lovely, but real life is spectacular. Open your eyes. Clear your head.

Get out of your head, little daydreamer. A daydream is like a high that you always must come down from again. When you do finally make it out of your head, reality makes you want to climb back in again. A daydream is self-preservation. You can’t get hurt if it’s not really happening. It will only make you happy for so long. It’s wonderful to imagine what can be, but that won’t make it so. There’s a difference, my dreamer, between believing in what could be and completely living it in your head. Imagine what could be, but don’t live it out in your head in place of life. Live the life in front of you. Daydreams can wait. Real life can’t.

Little daydreamer, you’ve always been this way. You imagined friends instead of making them. You ran with your imagination around the playground, not caring if it was actually real, because it felt real to you. You never grew out of it. You kept your daydreams with you forever. You grew up writing the story of your life yourself instead of letting the world do it for you. Let the world handle it. You write it in your head, but the world can write it in the sky.
 Little daydreamer, you’re so afraid. What if you never become all you know you could be? You might say the wrong thing or lose a friend, get your heart broken or break your own heart. Yes, you could break your own heart if you don’t live up to your expectations and let yourself down. There’s so much to lose.

Stop being afraid. There’s nothing you can do to keep yourself safe, not even staying in your head. Embrace the fear. Stop imagining what your life could be and rise up instead. You have it in you to be everything. Let it be.

There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming, but let it be the drive that pushes you towards success instead of the thing that holds you back.

She just wants someone to see her as extraordinary before it’s all over. Little daydream girl, give it time. You’ll get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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