Things Only Siblings Of Those With Disabilities Will Understand

Flickr / Dominik Golenia
Flickr / Dominik Golenia

I am a sibling of two people with disabilities. I am one of the forgotten ones. All the siblings of those with disabilities know what I mean. The world revolves around your sibling(s) and you often go unnoticed. Your friends get all the attention in the world from their parents, but not you.

When people ask how you’re doing, they usually mean how is your sibling doing? Your house is taken over by medical supplies and is constantly inhabited by nurses and aids. You sacrifice your privacy, among other things, for the sake of your sibling(s). You often feel invisible and sometimes crave attention. All this and more, yet, you wouldn’t change a thing.

We are forgotten but that’s how it’s supposed to be.

We know our siblings require more time and effort and in some cases, we know our siblings don’t have much time. We know they need the attention more than we do. Of course we get jealous and struggle to cope, but we learn the act of selflessness very quickly.

Our sibling(s) make us stronger, wiser, kinder, and just overall better people. We get to watch them touch an infinite amount of lives and teach lessons of acceptance and hope. While we wish they could have a life without disability, we know we are lucky to have been able to see them face adversity with such grace. We are blessed because we know we have the best sibling(s) in the world. We are the forgotten ones and that’s okay.

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