I Masturbated To My Stepbrother’s Naked Photo And It Felt Amazing

Mine- A Stepbrother Romance
Mine- A Stepbrother Romance

“As I walked into my room, I saw something propped up against the foot of my bed. I frowned and drew closer, and then smiled as I realized it was a gift, presumably from my father. It was large and rectangular, and judging by the indentations on the wrapping paper around the edge, it was a piece of framed artwork. There was a note attached.

Arizona – I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I hope that can change soon seeing as we’re probably going to be living together for a while. You seem like you might appreciate fine art, so I got you this as a ‘welcome’ present. It’d look nice hanging on the wall across from the end of your bed. Enjoy. – M

Wow. It was from Mason. I wrinkled my nose with suspicion, my mind conflicted. Surely this was some sort of prank. Then again, maybe it wasn’t. Perhaps he wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yeah, I’d disliked him after my first few encounters with him, but now I was probably going to be stuck with him for a while, so it made sense to try and smooth things over if he was making an effort to do the same. I actually didn’t know the first thing about art, but I was sure he had good taste given his upbringing.

Eagerly tearing open the paper, I glanced at the alleged ‘fine art’, and every thought about patching things up with Mason flew out of the window again. Oh, that slimy little rat. He was such a dick! And speaking of dick…

In the ornate frame sat a professionally-shot photograph of Mason, stark naked. Yep, he’d given me an ‘artistic’ nude shot of himself. While he was supposedly in the bathroom during dinner earlier, he must have sneaked it into my room. I’d known he was up to something!

I didn’t know whether to scream or salivate as my mouth dropped open at the sight before me. He was the worst possible stepbrother, but I couldn’t deny how sexy he was. He was so damn tall, his shoulders were broad, and his abs were perfection…and don’t even get me started on his perfect face, as smug as it was.

He had a hand over his bits in the picture, but I could still see enough…enough to make me feel the same tingling I’d experienced the first time I met him. Coupled with everything I knew about him now, it was a weird mix of pure anger and intense desire, and my hand suddenly seemed to develop a mind of its own, pushing down my jeans and lacy underwear and tracing my swollen lips.
No. I couldn’t do that. There was only one thing I could do. I yanked my hand out of my pants and tried to push my desire aside, and then I picked up the frame, marched across the hall and hammered on Mason’s door.

“I see you got my gift,” he said as he opened it, handsome features twisted into that famous smirk of his. He’d probably been standing there waiting for me, knowing he’d get some sort of reaction.

“Take it back,” I said through gritted teeth. “I don’t want this.”

“I thought you’d like it,” he said, crossing his arms and regarding me with amusement.

“Well, I don’t,” I replied haughtily. “When did you even get time to do this? I’ve only been here for a day!”

“I have my ways,” he said with an enigmatic grin.

“Let me guess, you keep a bunch of these framed photos stockpiled in there to hand out to girls?”

He chuckled. “No, but that’s a good idea. Thanks. So why don’t you like it?” he said, cocking his head to the side in mock ignorance.

I narrowed my eyes. “You know exactly why. This isn’t art. It’s just you…naked. No one wants to see that.”

“Well, I know I’ve skipped the gym a couple of times this week, but I didn’t think my body looked that bad. I’m kinda hurt, sis.”

I thrust the photo in his face again. “Don’t call me sis. I don’t care that our parents are married; we are not family and never will be. I don’t even want to be friends with you, let alone anything else. Either take this back or I’m hanging it up at the end of the hall so it’s the first thing my father and Layla see when they get up tomorrow.”

He held up his hands in mock defeat. “Fine. But once you’ve returned it, that’s it. No take-backsies.”

“Take-backsies? I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds like something a six year old would say. Oh wait, you are around that age mentally, aren’t you?”

I stormed back to my room, not even waiting for his reply, and I furiously undressed and crawled into bed, my skin hot with anger. Tension flooded my body with adrenaline, and suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. Seeing that photo of him had awakened something deep inside of me; a desperate, longing urge to feel the touch of a man. Until now, I’d needed to believe that all the waiting around for the perfect guy wasn’t all for nothing, but as hormones rushed through me, I began to wonder if that was a mistake.

The adrenaline in my veins gave way to a pulsing warmth which surged through me, filling my core with desire. Mason. Thoughts of him made me shiver under the covers, immediately embarrassed by my mind. He was such a douchebag, and my stepbrother to boot. It would be more than inappropriate to start touching myself right now, and even thinking about it made me feel dirty.

But that didn’t stop my hand sliding down over my warm center, and letting out a sigh, I let my fingers delve between my soft pink folds. Closing my eyes, I located the sensitive nub of my clit, stroking and rubbing ever-so-gently as heat rushed through me. A thin sheen of sweat coated my skin as I played in the valley between my legs, and I inhaled deeply as I threw my head back, almost unable to wait for the relief I was seeking. Think about someone else, I commanded myself. Not him.

My finger danced on my clit, tracing delicate patterns over and around it that soon grew faster and more urgent, and my stomach fluttered as my mind clouded with images of a faceless man with bulky muscles and a thick cock, pinning me down and doing away with my virginity in one hard movement. As I increased the pressure on my clit, the man in my imagination made a sound, and I realized he was no longer faceless. As much as I’d tried to stop thinking about him, it was Mason, and in my mind’s eye he was sweating and letting out guttural groans and pants as he moved against me.

My body responded powerfully to the image, and jolts of electricity surged from the top of my spine all the way down to the area between my legs. I let out a moan and arched my back, rubbing harder and faster. Warm spirals of pleasure soared through my core as I continued to tease myself, and every bit of nervous tension from the last week began to melt away as I thrust my hips up into my hand.

Sliding the other hand further down between my thighs, I dipped a finger inside myself, delving deeply into my tightness and biting my lip as I felt how utterly aroused I was. I was no stranger to touching myself, but I’d never gone so far as to slip anything inside me, and I moaned again as my inner walls clenched around me.

Slick warmth coated my finger as I slid it in and out, slowly but surely as I built up to a crescendo with the fingertip that was still dancing on my clit. A distant part of my mind hoped that no one was passing in the hall and hearing the soft, wet sounds my body was making along with the moans that were falling from my lips.

The pool of bliss that was building in my core felt agonizingly good, and I pictured Mason’s cock plunging in and out of me again and again, stretching and filling me as he moved on top of me, edging me closer and closer towards bliss.


My cell phone vibrated on the bedside table, and I groaned and pulled my hands away from myself as the sound yanked me right out of my fantasy. Sighing, I reached over and grabbed the phone, and a message from an unfamiliar number popped up on the screen.

The walls in this place are thinner than you think. Sure you don’t want the photo back as inspiration to help finish you off?

Dammit. Mason was probably right outside my door listening in, the creep. I quickly texted back: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Mason: Don’t lie. I could hear you moaning.

I was yawning loudly because I’m tired, I shot back. How did you even get my number?

Mason: How do you think? We have to have each other’s numbers now that we’re family. Night, sis ;)

Ugh. I didn’t even bother responding again, and I threw my phone down beside me and then settled back into bed in a huff. I’d been so close to making myself come, but now I was too annoyed with myself to keep going. I’d given Mason exactly what he wanted by reacting to his stupid gift, and I wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

Another message came through, and I rolled my eyes and looked at it.

Mason: Next time you need someone to play with, just remember I’m right across the hall…

I groaned and rolled over, burying my head in my pillow. As much as I hated to admit it, the tiniest part of me wanted to take him up on his offer. I wanted to play more than silly little games with him…” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Excerpted from “Mine – A Stepbrother Romance

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