These Are Our Differences

image - Flickr / ►►haley
image – Flickr / ►►haley

You. You are morning. You are sleepy eyes and quiet smiles. The snooze button, seven more minutes to lie staring out the window. You are the coffee pot hissing, warm currents wafting through the air. You are slow legs trudging to the train, the gentle breeze touching skin. You cause the goosebumps, the rise, the sun peering out behind each building. The creaking and shaking of the trains, the dull car horns, the how many days until Friday. You are rest. You are I can’t find my sweater so lay back down. You are the world can wait. You are life with intertwined hands.

I. I am the afternoon. The lazy naps in the sun. The bustingling coffee shop, caffeine fix. The busy, busy, one more and then I am finished. The highest sun in the sky. I am Demanding outstretched hands. Loud laughs and clacking key boards. Gazing eyes back to the window, clouds floating by. No cares at all but what is in front of me. I am the do it quickly, enjoy our hands soon. I am electrified, buzzing. One thousand miles in fifteen minutes. I am go. I am now. I am quickly, the picked flower only dies.

But we. We are night time. We are alive. We are stars bursting, blazing creating or destroying. We are it depends on what you’re looking at. We are inhales of excitement, exhales of safety. We are brand new, we are characters. We are trying, we are hoping. We are dark is just as comforting as light. We are god, we are creators. We are only us, the  ones, occupying the space as we can. When we can. We are everything exists within us. We are not afraid. We are storm, me lightning illuminating and quick, you thunder, commanding and present. We are hand in hand. We are together. We are outside of time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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