Who You Will Meet

You will meet someone who you love, think everything is wonderful. Lazy mornings of winter wrapped up in blankets while the wind forces its way through the atmosphere. You won’t think anything of it. Too filled up on skin, letting their fingers burn every inch of you they touch. You won’t even notice where their eyes go, concentrating only on how your chest falls into them. You won’t sleep for weeks when they no longer warm your feet. You will try to fill the space with more love, project it into the dark so there is no room for anything else. When they leave you will realize it was only you all along. Sometimes there is only one person in a relationship.

You will meet someone who loves you. It will be in the way they take care of things, always there right before you ask. You’ll run with them through the summer, where you’re too hollow and light to care. Light hinders sight just as much as it helps. The shallow breathing and endless nights create hands too outstretched to hold. There are freckles already on your skin of the ones before. The ones before you knew love rarely happened at the same time. Maybe they will recognize it, love you when you don’t think you deserve it. We are all just people, trying in the ways we know how.

You will meet someone you could love if only it were ten minutes earlier. If only their eyes were green and not blue. If only they believed in vibration the same ways as you. You could if they understood that distance is imaginary as long as you have them in their mind. Timing is for romantics and you lost that notion months before. Cosmic collisions are uncertain, you find each other on accident, there is no meant to be. You don’t choose the tides, but you choose who you call. Words only matter if there are two people involved. Sometimes coffee drinkers try tea for awhile, but end up missing coffee more than they ever imagined. Maybe some of us are predisposed to certain things, like blue eyes and conversations in the dark.

You will meet someone who you’ve met before. You’ll be on the train and you’ll recognize their face. Movies show how the world disappears, it won’t be like that. It will be less significant, just sly smiles and knowing glances. After, you won’t be sure if you’ve ever had a conversation before that one. You’ll feel the summer radiating from your lungs and see the winter held beneath their sternum. For the first time that you can remember, you’ll be present. Two people learning about each other, auras engulfing the meaning. You’ll meet someone and the only thing that matters is their eyes belong to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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