The 10 Most Ridiculous Times I’ve Cried In Public


Emotions are real. So are tears. And my tears just so happen to flow more abundantly than most others. On an emotional scale of 1 to 10, I cry if I’m anywhere below a 3 and anywhere above a 6.5. If my life were a hashtag, it would be #andthenicried. I know some of you can relate. But thinking back to the most ridiculous, (almost uncalled for) times I cried in public, it now makes me laugh.

1. Waiting in line at Qdoba. They kept passing burritos down the line faster than the people could pay, and they almost put pico de gallo on mine. I kept yelling “NO! NO PICO”. Crisis averted, they got the message. But I cried.

2. Watching every single episode of Undercover Boss. Seriously that show is such a tear jerker, and whoever says it’s not is watching in the right frame of mind. It’s on Netflix, in case anybody was wondering.

3. After getting a terrible (literally the worst) manicure in New York. Not only was it streaky, it chipped within an hour. Worth the tears, not the money.

4. While talking to my boss. I asked if I could talk to him about a couple office issues. I was so relieved when I got it all out that I cried in his office. Then he started complaining to me (sans tears, he managed to hold it together).

5. At the doctors office in Spain. I already had sprained my ankle in Malta the previous week resulting in needing a wheelchair/crutches. I also managed to be injured by a rusty nail that week and convinced myself I had tetanus. (I have a scar to prove it) Then I got an ear infection and pharyngitis, and as if it could get any worse the doctor wanted to give me a shot in the butt. Tears were totally warranted. #worstweekever

6. Upon arriving at my parents hotel room in New York. I had to take the bus from DC to NYC. I’m not a bus person to begin with, and I’m definitely NOT a 5 hour bus person. When I arrived it was raining, but I literally couldn’t hail a cab. After 10 minutes, I decided to walk. In the rain. 4 avenues and 12 blocks with my 2 heavy bags. I got to the hotel room, sweaty, upset, and my parents weren’t even back yet! I sat on the floor in all of my sweat and irritation, waiting. They came back in 10 minutes, pizza in hand, but not enough for me. They opened the door, I threw my a stuff down, and cried. Then I showered, and I was fine.

7. To multiple professors in multiple countries. My Spanish professor was once 3 hours late and still expected to hold a 3 hour class. I cried. My Jordanian dialect professor was not teaching us anything, I cried. My thesis advisor basically told me my thesis shouldn’t qualify as an honors thesis one week before it was due (after she had worked with me for a year). I cried. And cried.

8. When I irrationally thought my brother was dying. I was 7 and he was 6. We were playing in the living room with my dad when my brother hit his head on the stone fireplace and needed stitches. But I was crying harder than he was because my 7-year-old self thought I was soon going to be an only child and my parents had to console me more than him. I was convinced he was going to die, when in fact he just needed a couple stitches and an ice pack.

9. When Delta accidentally canceled my flight home from Amman to Tampa. After 5 months in Amman, I brought my 2 overweight suitcases, my 2 carryons (that together weighed 94 pounds) and a mirror that I bought in Jerusalem to the airport, I was more than ready to be home. I go to get my boarding pass at the counter, only to find out I have no flight home. So I caused a scene and called my mom who caused another scene with Delta. And I cried. The guy behind the desk told me there was nothing to cry about, but it was too late. Tears were flowing, but I made it onto that flight.

10. When my rear view mirror fell off my windshield. I was adjusting my rear view mirror, and the next thing I knew it was in my hand! I needed to get it fixed that day because I was going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks, and they said it was an overnight process to let the glue dry. I didn’t have overnight, I had a couple hours. The Goodyear guy sensed my stress, literally said “it sounds like you need somebody to calm you down right now, and I’m that guy. What’s wrong?” So obviously I started crying. I got it fixed that day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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