10 Things Girls Who Are Afraid of Rejection Will Do

Holly Lay/ (Flickr Creative Commons)
Holly Lay/ (Flickr Creative Commons)


You wait until he’s online to update your latest Facebook photo album because you’re sure it will catch his attention.


You Instagram pictures of you looking beautiful with all your friends and family in the hope that a little “Lo-Fi” filter will make him fall in love with you, or at least notice you and want to date you (love will come later).


You message him and carry on great conversations through social media, but never ask him to hang out with you in person, but instead drop the most obvious hint so he knows you are really into him.


You start to notice where he hangs out and try to show up there too, thinking that once he notices you in all the same places as him he will strike up a conversation with you and finally ask you out.


You might even drunk-text him one night when you’ve had one too many of your signature college-girl mixed drinks hoping he’ll find you at the bar and take you home.


You recount to any friend who will listen the encounter when he found you in the library and talked to you. Then you try to analyze if his seeking you out and talking to you means that he actually likes you.


You keep telling your friends that you’re ready to do something bold, but when they suggest something like asking him out to lunch you freak out and ask for maybe something a little less bold—like maybe just one step down. You just want to be sure he wouldn’t say no.


You employ a mutual friend to do some sleuthing for you, because you would definitely do something bold, but only if you knew for sure it would work out. And then you spend days analyzing “She’s really great, like really great” and deciphering what “great” actually means to him. Is this the “great” like, “Wow she’s cool I guess” or the “great” like, “I think I want to ask her out”?


You complain to your friends that you’re waiting for the right sign to make your move, but you can’t really specify what that sign actually is or what you’ll actually do when you receive it.


As you’re writing (or in anyone else’s case reading) this post you wonder if you share it with your friends on Facebook that he will take note of it and realize it’s about him and come to your dorm room to ask you out in person and tell you that he’s loved you this whole time. I mean, I already wrote this post; he’s definitely going to notice it and realize it’s about him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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