You’ll Never Believe What This Study Reveals About Millennial Orgasms

Flickr / Emilian Robert Vicol
Flickr / Emilian Robert Vicol

Millennials’ approach to porn is much different than the previous generations, according to a study done by Pornhub and Mic. Using Pornhub’s analytics software, they uncovered many millennials’ porn habits and discovered something interesting along the way.

One pattern is that millennials tend to watch porn the most on Mondays, and less on Saturdays. They also found that, although men still make up the majority of porn consumers, more and more millennial women are watching as well, more so than the previous generation.

Pornhub and Mic believe that the reason for the increase in women watching porn is due to women becoming open to the idea of controlling their own sexual needs and wants.

Another point the study points out, though not surprising, is that 60 percent of millennials prefer to use their phones compared to 33 percent who would use a computer to watch porn. With smartphones smaller and more portable, millennials can watch literally anywhere at any time, although the study found that most millennials log in to the site between 11PM and midnight.

But the most interesting part? They spend only less than a minute on the site, compared to those in the older generation.

What does this mean? Well, it could mean that milennnials have a much lower attention span. Or, which seems to be the general consensus, they’re faster at satisfying their urges than the previous generation. In plain terms, they orgasm faster.

Other parts of the study uncovered that “lesbian” is the most popular category, the Kim Kardashian sex tape is the favorite to watch, and there’s an immense appreciation for large butts.

This is just one more thing our generation can be proud of (we think?). Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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