25 Things This 25-Year-Old Girl Finds Sexy In A Man

Shutterstock / tankist276
Shutterstock / tankist276

Last night I went out with a guy who I was obsessed with in high school. As I walked in to the restaurant it felt like I was walking into a time capsule. The guy had been perfectly preserved in his high school mint condition, looking indistinguishable from his Senior Portraits. I, on the other hand, could not have changed more.

As the conversation lingered on shared juvenile memories, of which we had few in common, it became increasingly apparent to me that what I believed was sexy in those formative years is drastically different from what I think is sexy now. I spent the drive home amending my list of “What I Find Attractive in a Man” to incorporate the decade of life experience since high school. James Dean haircuts did not make the cut. Here are 25 things that did.

1. Guys who let me sit down at concerts.

2. Guys who drive responsibly.

3. Guys who know how to cook bacon the way I like it.

4. Guys who DON’T need a drink to carry a conversation.

5. Guys who have car insurance.

6. Guys who have health insurance.

7. Guys who have any insurance really… Home? Professional Liability? Multiple Peril?

8. Guys who are secure enough to watch TLC, Bravo, or Oxygen with me.

9. Guys who own dress shoes.

10. Guys who DON’T own a gaming console.

11. Guys who moderately exercise.

12. Guys who DON’T talk to me about said moderate exercise.

13. Guys who call to make plans.

14. Guys who subscribe to WSJ.

15. Guys who commit to a career.

16. Guys who are excited to go to work.

17. Guys who use less tongue.

18. Guys who use less social media.

19. Guys who use less Ikea furniture.

20. Guys who use effective/assertive communication.

21. Guys who smell like fresh laundry instead of Acqua Di Gio.

22. Guys who have a healthy relationship with religion.

23. Guys who call their mother on Sundays.

24. Guys with dry, calloused man-hands.

25. Guys with the ability to commit to something other than self and to be nurturing, as evidenced by owning a pet, maintaining a garden, or mentoring small children. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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