“Find A Place To Hide Out”

You motion to Walter. We need to find a place to hide quick. You peek around the corner. The SDF members are walking in the middle of the street. Cocky fuckers, you signal to Walter. He shrugs. You and Walter try to open the door of the building. Megan taps your shoulder. We can use the fire escape, she signals. She points to an alleyway, which reveals a fire escape leading up to the roof of the building. That’s great, thanks. You ask Megan to lead the way. She nods.

You, Walter and the rest of the group follow Megan. She looks up at the fire escape. I need someone to boost me up, she signals. You and Walter pick her up and she grabs onto the ladder. She climbs up and unlatches the ladder. She carefully lowers the ladder down to you. You carefully make your way back to the corner to see where the SDF members are. They walk down leisurely, passing around what seems to be a bottle of vodka. We have more time than we thought, you signal to Walter. Get into cover, he signals back. You quickly head back to the fire escape. You climb up the ladder and Walter quickly follows. You both pull the ladder up and secure it on the latch. The others? you signal. Up on the roof, Walter responds.

You and Walter make your ascent to the roof.

“How are you holding up,” Walter whispers.

You look back at Walter.

“I thought we couldn’t talk?”

“You’ve above ground, it’s okay now. Just…don’t talk too loud.”

You carefully step onto the roof. The group is nowhere to be seen.

“Where are they?” you ask Walter.

“I don’t know, I was with you,” he says. “Let’s split up. You look over west, I’ll check out east.”

You nod and head to the west end of the building. You sneak a peek down towards street-level and the SDF members are still walking on 31st Street, taking sips from the vodka bottle. You feel a hand on your shoulder. It’s James. He nods towards a door you missed. We’re down there, he mouths. You thank him and motion to Walter. He notices and walks over to you.

“They went down the stairs,” James says and points to the door.

“Okay,” he says. James opens the door and ushers you and Walter in. James closes the door behind you.

“It’s dark in here, be careful,” James whispers.

You and Walter carefully feel for each step and make it to a landing.

“I think they’re around here somewhere,” James says. He opens an emergency door. It opens to a corridor. There is a window on the left end of the corridor. The sunlight temporarily blinds all three of you.

“Fuck,” Walter says. “Great fucking job, James.”

“Sorry Walt.”

You chuckle. It’s been a long time since you’ve smiled.

“So where are they?” Walter asks.

“I think they’re down the hall.”

The three of you arrive in front of a door and you open it. The group is there, resting their legs.

“About fucking time you showed up,” Travis says.

“Fuck off,” Walter says.

“You guys see the SDF outside?” Dylan asks.

“They’re still out there,” you say. “I think they’re drunk.”

Dylan scoffs. “Of course they are, those fucking assholes.”

“Let’s lay low here for a while,” Walter says. “A couple of us will go look for supplies in this building.”

Walter looks at you. “How about it?”

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Sure thing, let’s go. >>

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